Have a Makeup Lesson... orm

Make up lessons from The Perfect Face based in Cheshire

Ever thought you would like a makeup lesson but didn't know how to ask...

After many requests we are pleased to offer a one on one make up lesson with you either in your home or you are welcome to come to our base in Cheshire. Our aim is to go through your make up bag, (please don't cringe) advising you on what works and what doesn't, do you have things in your make up bag you purchased on a whim but have never known how to apply? We can show you how and advise you on additional products also, remember we do not represent any cosmetic brands, our advice is entirely impartial based soley on our experience with cosmetics and so any products recommended for purchase will be entirely on suitability for you. Why not get together with a few friends and make an afternoon of it?


£150:00 per session

We can offer a group discount if the booking is for 3 persons or more at a rate of £100:00


Make up lessons Make up lessons from the perfect face

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