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Eye lash extentions from The Perfect Face

As part of our wedding service we also wanted offer to you eye lash extensions and we are proud to bring you the best on the market - Xtreme lashes. Perfect for your wedding day, they can add volume and length as desired and because of the superior adhesive they will look great on your honeymoon too!

  • Semi permanent eye lashes lasts up to 2 months with touch ups.
  • Water resistant, so they stay looking great after swimming or showering.
  • Painless application – that only takes 1 to 2 hours.
  • Natural look and feel weight less eye lashes.
  • Thickens and lengthens – no need for mascara on Xtreme Lashes!

See our Xtreme lashes before and after image below -

Xtreme Eye lashes

Contact us on 0161 485 1988 or email us at clare@theperfectface.co.uk

What are Xtreme eye lashes?
Xtreme lashes are amazing new lash extensions that are naturally curled,look gorgeous and feel weightless on your eyes being both flexible and crimp resistant

How long do Xtreme eye lashes last for?
These eye lashes can last up to 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth and maintenance, so if you are planning to have them for a wedding day they will still look great on your honeymoon too!

How long does the Xtreme lashes treatment take?
It takes about 1.5 hours to apply.
This treatment is recommended a couple of days prior to a wedding day.

How much do they cost?
The cost for the Xtreme Eye Lashes is - £120.00.

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